About Jesse Taylor Wilmoth

I’m Jesse, and this is my site. I’ve have fpfed.com since college, and I’ve used it at various times to post content, blogs, and my portfolio. Think of it as my Swiss army knife for the internet age! I’m a NCSU educated intern architect, and have worked spanning the gamut, from designing small residential projects to punching out high-rises in Orlando.

About This Site

This site, in its most basic form, is my body of work. It’s always struck me that as an (intern) architect, the portfolio showcases your best design work, but even the most mundane work influences and develops you. Take for instance a lowly low-budget parking garage – not the most dynamic piece of work, but the simplicity allows for something even more important: focusing on inter-discipline communication, construction details and drawing quality. Why not showcase those critical learning projects as well?

With that in mind, I went about creating a body of work portfolio that showcases every major project I’ve been significantly involved in. But the dynamic nature of internet content allows the body of work to morph into anything: my residential projects, favorite projects, exceptional examples of innovation.  How about a chronological ordering of projects? Or just my college work?  You might just be interested in what projects I’ve done construction drawing work, or perhaps just projects I’ve been involved at the project architect level?  You see that the possibility are endless, but by cataloging ALL of my work, I can keep a living record of my development, and still provide to you, the visitor, what you alone are interested in.

Enjoy! And feel free to contact me!